[EBB Sightings] Berkeley Red-Masked Conures

[EBB Sightings] Berkeley Red-Masked Conures

David Couch
Tue Nov 16 18:49:00 PST 2004
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    I don't know where the Red-Masked Conures =96 Cherry-headed Conures =96
    Red-masked Parakeets =96 
    they do.

    We hear them every few days around our home near 7th and Jones. Last time I heard them there was (I think) yesterday evening, Monday, November 15. My impression is that they seem to be hanging out a bit south of there, which is consistent with your reports about 6th and Delaware.

    There have been at least two individuals in recent weeks, down from the seven I counted in summer 2002.

    David Herzstein Couch
    7th St between Jones and Page
    Berkeley, CA

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